An Afternoon of Fun

Settled down at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Feels great to have plush pillows, a comfy bed, secure wifi, and a hot shower. Yes, first world problems folks.

Truly enjoyed my stay at the University of Minnesota, but I am thrilled to be on the verge of competition.  We have tomorrow off to practice twice and scout the Red and Blue teams that are playing tomorrow.  I’m mentally prepared and ready to go.

Our coaches surprised us with a wonderful afternoon and evening at the Mall of America.  We went on a caption scavenger hunt, having to create scenarios that suited phrase the coaches gave us, and then race to present a picture of us acting out the phrase at a specific meeting location.   We had diner at Dick’s Last Resort, and my dad happened to be in town, so it was awesome to see him for a bit.

Headed to the lobby to do some homework and then sleep in a bit before kicking it in gear all day tomorrow!

-say hello to TEAM USA WHITE

-say hello to TEAM USA WHITE


-Maryland and Ohio State...repping the Big Ten

-Maryland and Ohio State…repping the Big Ten

-mall of America

-mall of America




-Dinner (uh oh)

-Dinner (uh oh)


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