Team WHITE 👏👏👏

Teams were announced late the night before last, and I’m on Team White! We scrimmaged yesterday against Teams Red and Blue, beating both groups twice. Still so much to work on, I know we will be focusing on serve receive and defense for sure. Our team has several offensive strengths, including dynamic setters, vocal liberos, and plenty of tall hitter/blockers that fly in the air.
Uniforms and backpacks were distributed…make sure you look for #19 (That’s me!!!). Today we transition to the Hilton Hotel, visit the convention center for the first time, and get situated for competitions to start tomorrow. Apparently it’s freezing in the center, so I’d better bundle up (thank you USA for the awesome yoga pants)! We have practice til noon and then my team is leading the baggage transportation efforts to downtown. 💪💪
Might get to see my dad today, as he is traveling to town just for the day. But, our coaches also have a surprise team activity in store for us tonight…maybe the Mall of America?!?!
I had a small bout of food poisoning, so I had a rough morning yesterday. Glad to be feeling a bit better, but my stomach still needs to settle down. All packed up and ready to head to the gym for another day of hard work, not to mention watching the soccer team duel Germany in the Rio World Cup. Go Team USA!


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