Down, Set, DEFENSE!

Breaking it down for defense. Poised and ready for action.  Holding that position this afternoon for 3 hours was a grueling workout on the legs.  Thank goodness for squat days in the weight room.  Getting down and dirty digging every ball in pursuit of running the offense.  That’s what defense is all about.  Plenty of ball control drills to warm us up, followed by intense offense vs. defense drills.

Had a hearty dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes and the biggest salad I could fit on my plate….since salad is my favorite food (yes, weird I know).  Another day of training in the books, but I’m looking forward to “game night” team bonding activities tonight.

Getting to know your coaches, staff and teammates outside the lines of the court is just as important the dynamic relationship while you play.  The true built off the court can almost be more important as knowing, without communicating, that your teammates are there for you.  Discovering character and personality lead to a tight bond that no opponent can break down.  Teams crack from what Mike Hebert calls “The Triangle of Doom,” involving 3 key elements: Lying, Drama, and Whining.  Take a step back and look at your team as a whole and yourself individually.  Where is the trust?  Do you speak using “hey you” or do you genuinely converse on a first name basis.  It’s the purpose with which one communicates that makes the ultimate difference.  Secondly, beyond the communication, is it effective?  Meaning, are we gossiping about who should and shouldn’t see playing time, whining about the tough drill the coach is drawing on the board, or lying about the number of punishment reps we had to do simply because we think team punishment when and individual commits a wrong is stupid?  Think about your mentality and what you bring to the table: do you break the triangle of doom, or do you break down your team?


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